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Scouts Australia Program Handbook – Now Available Digitally

The Scouts Australia Program Handbook is your guide to Scouting in Australia. The Program Handbook provides 268 full colour pages on how Scouting in 21st century Australia provides a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive environment for young people’s personal development.


The Program Handbook – your guide to Scouting in Australia, is now back in stock! To celebrate its arrival, we’re also announcing a downloadable, more sustainable and cheaper ebook version!

The Handbook has been developed to be the main reference point for information and support about the program. It’s your guide to creating and fostering a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive environment for young Australians. The Handbook is designed for all Scouts, however youth and adult leaders might find more relevance. It’s not designed to be the source of all knowledge, as many of the aspects of the program explored in the Handbook are further supported by factsheets, tools and other resources available at pr.scouts.com.au.

The digital copy of the handbook only allows one down load. Like many ebooks it includes the purchasers name printed on each page. It is an infringement of copyright law for the downloaded document to be shared.

Program Handbook digital

Explore in Detail

Setting The Scene: The first chapter of this book explores what Scouting is all about and describes some key aspects of our program.

One Program: We continue by explaining all the elements of the program – the things we do, how we do them, and why we do them. We have one program across five age sections. This part of the Handbook is important for all youth and adult leaders to have an understanding of, as it relates to all age sections.

Age Sections: Lastly, the Handbook explores how the program is applied at each age section in a developmentally appropriate way. Take a read of how the program applies to your age section, and consider this in relation to the other sections. It’s important for youth and adult leaders to have an understanding of the familiarities, and what bits might be a little different from section to section.

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For more information on the roll out and implementation of the program, click here for information relevant to your Branch.