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Policy & Procedures

National Adults in Scouting Standards

In 2018, the World Organisation of the Scout Movement undertook a Project to review the World Adults in Scouting Policy (2011). Following this, Scouts Australia completed a similar review and have now published the Scouts Australia Adults in Scouting Standards with a Policy reference being added to Policy & Rules. Like many other Australian and World documents, these standards support the Mission of Scouting. This is achieved by developing the ways and means by which the quality of leadership at all levels can be improved through providing better support and management for all adults, resulting in the provision of better services for young people.

In general, we can say that Scouting could not have existed around the world without millions of adults, the majority of them volunteers that currently support the Movement by performing a wide range of roles or functions.

These Standards encompasses all the roles and functions undertaken by adults in Scouting, and all the areas of proficiency necessary to fulfil them.

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