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Preparations are racing ahead for AJ2022. Look out for your local AJ2022 launch soon.


The 26th Australian Jamboree will be held in January 2022 at Elmore, Victoria. Probably.

Meanwhile, as Scouts, we need to be prepared.

Scouting families need to learn about the Jamboree through local Jamboree launches. That includes Cub Scouts who will link next year – AJ2022 may be their only opportunity to attend a Jamboree as a Scout.

Individual Scouts – and Group fundraising teams – need to start planning and saving.

Applications haven’t opened yet due to the current uncertainty in the world, but Groups and Contingents need to know likely attendance numbers soon so they can do their planning.

In October, Contingents will supply their Scout Groups with all the resources they need to run a great local Jamboree launch.

This kit will make it easy to explain to families and youth members (don’t forget those Cub Scouts!) what’s involved, and why a Jamboree is such an amazing, life-changing, growth experience for young people.

Scouts (and Leaders, Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts) will then go to a special ‘Expression of Interest’ link on the AJ2022 website. They’ll say they’re interested in attending AJ2022, but there is no obligation. The upside is that they’ll be the first to hear when applications open.

Applications will open when it’s safe to do so. This means the actual application period could be shorter than usual. Which is another good reason to complete the ‘Expression of Interest’ so you know what’s going on.

Who knows how long the current uncertainty will continue? We desperately hope that AJ2022 won’t have to be postponed. The worst that happens is that AJ2022 will be the most thoroughly planned Jamboree in Australian history!

Jon Willis
Chief Director



AJ2022 - Tell Us You're Interested