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Guidelines for Local Political Engagement

To create and foster a positive reputation with your local community representatives, the Guidelines for Local Political Engagement have been developed. 


As a Movement we encourage all levels of Scouting to get to know their government representatives at all levels (Local, State, and Federal). By positively engaging with our local decision makers, it provides:

  • a chance to share our stories and create more awareness of Scouting;
  • an opportunity to seek support for our programs and facilities, and
  • an educational opportunity for young people to learn more about the local Council, State/Territory and Federal Government processes.

With the release of the The Scouting Effect – Scouting Builds Resilience for Life data, we are now more than ever in a prime position to talk about Scouting with our local politicians. To assist in this process, Guidelines for Local Political Engagement have been developed to help local Formations reach out and wok with their local government representatives to grow awareness of Scouting.

Political Engagement Scouts in House of Representatives
Photo taken prior to physical distancing requirements.