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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Jeremy Recounts His AJ2019 Adventure

We are continuing to fund raise for the Jamboree Appeal so that young Scouts like Jeremy from the ACT can attend. Read his report on his experience at AJ2019 to understand the personal growth that major events encourage.

​When I found out about the Jamboree in late 2017, I decided I wanted to go, and this desire became stronger through attending the Summer Camp, achieving my big Red and going to the pre-Jam camp. I really enjoyed the experience of AJ2019 despite the hot weather, strong winds and the constant blowing dust.

My favourite activities were the water activities at Wet ‘n Windy, Challenge Hill and going into Adelaide for Metromania with activities around Adelaide that included a dolphin boat tour and train museum. I enjoyed cooking for everyone when my Patrol was on kitchen duty. While I did not enjoy some of the activities, I still participated in everything on offer.

As AJ2019 progressed, I became more involved socially and more confident with other Scouts in my Patrol, as well as the Leaders and the other Scouts in the Troop.

Surprisingly, I coped well with a variety of different situations that were outside of my comfort zone. Having to relate to people that I did not know has assisted in helping me to grow in confidence.

I undertook odd jobs during 2018 to earn spending money which I used in part to buy an AJ blanket and extra badges. I also swapped badges, and when these are eventually sewn onto the blanket, it will be another memento of AJ2019.

Scouts at AJ2019 Sewing Machine Jeremy

Returning from AJ2019, I continued to wear my name tag and sleep on my stretcher for several weeks afterwards. This was sure a sign that the experience made quite an impression on me.

I will always have lasting memories of my AJ2019 experience for my lifetime. I want to express my thanks to the Lord Baden-Powell Society and ACT Scouts for the financial support that enabled me to attend AJ2019.