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Adventurous Activities

Revision to the Qualification Framework for the Leading of Scouting’s Adventurous Activities

In November, a revised National Adventurous Activities Framework (NAAF) was endorsed by the National Operations Committee, for use across Scouts Australia in all Branches. Along with related appendices, the NAAF defines the qualification requirements for those responsible for Scouting’s adventurous activities.

​The revision to the National Adventurous Activities Framework (NAAF) has followed a consultation process over the last couple of years, and is informed and reflects changes as a result of a number of key developments nationally and consideration of how they relate to Scouting:

There are some new terms. The previous Scout Level qualifications (1, 2, and 3) are replaced by Safe Participant, Trained Participant, and Activity Specialist. A new Assistant Guide qualification is introduced which may be achieved by qualified youth members, Scout Appointed Guides continue to be required for most adventurous activities and the new VET units required are defined for new appointments and those wishing to transition, and National Instructors are becoming Assistant Leader Trainers (at a pace to be determined by Branches, generally in one tranche or as three year renewals are reached).

In addition, the qualifications required to support youth members undertaking Outdoor Adventure Skills Stages (and assess as required – noting this is primarily the role of the Unit Council) have also been endorsed.

While we strongly encourage and support youth members to lead our Scouting activities, including those considered adventurous, there is an overarching duty of care that requires a Scouting Leader with a Leader Appointment to be responsible for Scouting activities, even where third parties or Scouting members may be providing specialist skills and activity leadership. There is also an activity approval process to be satisfied according to Branch requirements.

The progressive nature of Scouting qualifications for adventurous activities remains based on the applicable skills, environment, and risks. However, there are a range of detail changes and the National Adventurous Activity Committee and Branch Leaders with key adventurous activity roles have been preparing for these changes for some time; and those in your Branch are the contacts for questions and support.

The NAAF itself and related key documents may be found below.