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Youth Program

Scarf Rings Have Arrrived!

The latest addition to the Uniform are ready for purchase! These Scarf Rings will help identify the Patrols Scouts belong to, and any leadership positions they may hold.


With the release of the updated Uniform and Badges Layout late in 2020, many observant members noted the change from Patrol emblems on sleeves to on the scarf. Real estate on our uniforms is tight, and for many, scarves are worn as frequently, if not more frequently, than the uniform shirt itself.

To allow more space for our youth members to proudly display their achievements on their uniforms, new scarf rings have been developed. The new scarf rings are made from durable stretch elastic and are 35mm wide and fit perfectly around all scarves. They can be purchased individually or in bulk packs. They can also be reused time and time again. 

Patrol Scarf Rings

There are 10 colours available in the range and they are to be worn on the scarf as per the diagram and images shown. Colours available include Red, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Grey, Sand and Purple. 


​Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader Scarf Rings

The new scarf rings are also available for Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders featuring special blue identification stripes. One stripe means Assistant Patrol Leader and two stripes indicates Patrol Leader.