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Statement on Domestic Travel

Scouts Australia has now updated our position regarding domestic travel and is permitting voluntary domestic travel for national meetings and events subject to certain conditions. 


Issued 15/06/2021, Review by 30/09/2021

(Including all National councils, committees, subcommittees, teams, working groups, workshops, training, formal and informal meetings)

In the current COVID-19 environment, travel on behalf of Scouts Australia has increased health, safety and financial risks.

State and Territory Governments are responding very quickly to clusters, and individual positive results, and have demonstrated a willingness to close borders at very short notice.

The risks for Scouts Australia and our members include:

  • Members contracting the virus by exposure during travel (airports, planes, public transport, taxis/ride sharing)
  • Higher travel risk for older members and those with depressed immunity
  • Members being stranded interstate, or required to go into to self-funded quarantine
  • Additional cost of rebooking alternate flights and/or accommodation at very short notice
  • Any travel, accommodation and quarantine costs due to border closures in relation to COVID-19 are specifically excluded from travel insurance coverage
  • Impact on paid employment of Scouting volunteers
  • Reputational damage

Interstate Travel

Limited Interstate Travel on behalf of Scouts Australia, to attend face-to-face meetings and/or events may be approved by the Chief Commissioner and the Chair NEC, subject to the following conditions being met:

  • Online meetings and event participation will be considered as the first choice
  • Attendance at face-to-face meetings and events is an individual decision, and online alternatives for members who do not wish to travel, or are unable to travel, will always be provided
  • All attendees at face-to-face meetings who voluntarily choose to travel interstate complete a waiver in the form of a Deed prior to travel bookings being made, to acknowledge acceptance of the personal and financial risk
  • Face to face meetings must have a clear outcome and may only be funded from an approved 2021/22 National, Contingent, or Project budget allocation.
  • Attendance at face-to-face meetings is voluntary, and will be limited to essential attendees only
  • A risk management plan that includes measures to mitigate State and Territory border closure, will be in place
  • All Federal and State Government advice and direction regarding travel will be adhered to.

Any events which require face to face attendance as the sole means of meeting, require specific approval by NEC.

International Travel

International Travel on behalf of Scouts Australia, to attend face to face meetings and/or events is not approved.

Internal travel within Branches

The management of travel within each of the eight Branches of Scouts Australia and the conduct of activities in other Branches is the responsibility of the individual Branch/Branches, consistent with their respective State and Territory Government directions.