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Lord Baden-Powell Society

A Letter to Our Members and Donors

Our Lord Baden-Powell Society Member Services Team have penned a letter for Members and Donors of the Society on the current COVID situation.

Dear Members and Donors,

Hope you are staying safe and well.

As COVID-19 lockdown continues to affect us all yet again, not only here in our State of NSW but across Australia too, we have once again been instructed by our Scouts Australia National office to work from our homes.

As previously advised, all administrative functions for memberships are continuing as usual, although you may experience a slight delay in responses if you have communicated to us by post. So best to call or email us on lbps@scouts.com.au.

However, we would like to inform you that this time around, our end of year receipts for Members who donate monthly, will be delayed until further notice as we normally post these out in early July.

The other major delay that will occur, is with regards to our reminder letters for August (generally posted out in early July), and our September reminder letters. By the time you will eventually receive these, their due dates will be delayed, but that’s OK because we are happy to receive your membership/donation renewals at any time even after their due dates have passed.

During this lockdown period, if your circumstances change or if there is any aspect of your membership that you would like to discuss, or you have any concerns at all, please do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 8440 5908 as we are always happy to talk to our Members.

With regards to the wider Scouting movement, our Adult Leaders are constantly working on programmes to ensure that Scouts across all age groups have access to innovative activities which can be enjoyed from home and in COVID safe environments.

Baden-Powell’s quote, “A Scout is never taken by surprise; He knows exactly what to do when anything unexpected happens,” has never been more salient than in today’s uncertain environment.

To all Members and Donors, and the entire Scouting community, stay safe and well, and if you are not a financial donor of the Society, please consider becoming one.

From Member Services of the Lord Baden-Powell Society

Rita and Pam