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Lord Baden-Powell Society

An Update to our Members and Donors

As the pandemic continues to challenge us, we wanted to give you a short September update from the Lord Baden-Powell Society.

We hope that you are keeping safe and healthy during these difficult lock-down times.

As the pandemic continues to challenge us, we wanted to give you a short update:

  • In NSW, due to the stay at home orders, we haven’t been able to access our office in Chatswood. Our Reminder Letters for July, August and September will be posted out as soon as it is possible for us to do so. Please expect a small delay in receiving our regular reminders.
  • We are always delighted to receive your donations whichever way they reach us! However, accessing our post box in Chatswood has also been a challenge. If you have sent us your donation by cheque/post and haven’t heard back from us yet, please don’t worry as we’ll be processing those donations at our earliest possible opportunity.
  • You can call our direct number (02) 8440 5908 to make your donation over the phone by credit card at any time, and a transaction receipt will be emailed back to you immediately. We always look forward to speaking with our Members and Donors.
  • We hope that going forward, as we slowly start ‘opening-up’, we will soon resume our fundraising appeals for our Australian major activities. We also hope to support our major international events and give more opportunities to those youth members who wish to take part. We don’t want any Scout missing out on life-changing experiences that only Jamborees can give simply because of their difficult financial circumstances.
  • I am proud to mention, that since this pandemic started in March 2020, Scouting has been the only organisation that has continued to keep all our members engaged with online activities, amongst others, throughout the lockdown periods; whilst many sporting activities on the other hand, had to be either stopped immediately or cancelled for the season.
  • Supporting our young Scouts in need is our priority and will always be our priority.
“Even in the toughest situations, if you look hard, you will find something to be cheerful about.”

Thank you so much for your continued financial support.

Rita and Pam

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