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The Last Great First

‘Australis’ Revealed as Name for The Last Great First Penguin Woggle

Congratulations to Lillyan from Western Australia, selected as the winner of our competition to name the Last Great First Penguin Woggle. From entries across Australia, Lillyan’s name ‘Australis’ was selected by the judges.


In 2021, we launched our Last Great First Penguin Woggle to support adventurers Gareth and Richard on their 110 day coast to coast crossing of Antarctica. This limited edition souvenir woggle is helping raise money towards the expedition, with all funds going towards ensuring a successful journey.

But this cute Penguin Woggle was in need of a name. After opening up submissions to name the penguin woggle, our judges selected “Australis”, a name suggested by Lillyan T from Woorree Scout Group in Western Australia! Congratulations.




About The Last Great First

Scouts Australia have partnered with The Last Great First Expedition as a Community Partner, giving our movement a significant opportunity to be associated with a project of human endurance and worldwide significance. The Last Great First is  already attracting international media exposure, and our association as Community Partners will benefit with substantial global exposure for the next two to three years.

In one of the most audacious polar expeditions ever undertaken, polar explorers Dr Gareth Andrews and Dr Richard Stephenson will attempt to cross the entire continental mass of Antarctica, coast to coast, including it’s permanent ice shelves, unsupported, using manpower alone. This stands as one of the last great firsts of polar exploration and if successful, will go down in the annals of polar history and human endeavour.