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Talking With Young People About Conflict

The World Organisation of the Scout Movement has created a document for adult leaders to assist with having conversations about war with young people.


We are all aware there are many conflicts occurring across our World at present. None more so, than that happening in the Ukraine. The World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM) has released a resource for Adults in Scouting “How to Talk to Children About War”. It recognises that children are being presented with many messages and images about these conflicts (often through streaming/social media) and that for many, there will be questions, a sense of fear/concern and a desire to seek advice and support from people they can trust, especially their Scouting Leaders as they process this information.

A key call out in the guide is to have honest/fact based conversations with youth and to adjust our conversation style according to their age and level of understanding. A key part of this is being able to access reliable sources of truth. Leaders in Australia are encouraged to carefully consider where they source information about this topic and to reflect on sites such as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to understand the response from the Australian Government on behalf of the people of Australia.

Related, is the work WOSM is doing in establishing a crowd funding platform to support the National Organisation of the Scouts of Ukraine with providing food, medicine, sleeping equipment and other necessary supplies, along with psychological support, to people and communities impacted by the conflict. This platform has already raised over $350,000 (USD). Should you wish to make a donation to this effort you can do so here. However, please note should you wish to make a donation that is tax deductible (i.e., approved under Australia law and greater than $2.00) agencies such as Care or the Australian Red Cross may be possible alternatives.

Caring about people across the globe is a key part of Scouts being good citizens. Please consider how you, as an Adult in Scouting can have a balanced and respectful conversation with youth about the conflicts being faced in the World today.

Supporting Scouts Ukraine