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Venturer Scout Peak Award

Following the sad passing of our Royal Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, on the 8th September 2022 a number of members have asked the question as to the future of the Queen’s Scout Award. Some of these questions have been raised through social media and/or at various forums/meetings and we felt it appropriate to inform you of our current position in this regard.

The right to have an award carrying the name of the monarch is dependent upon them accepting a “Royal Patronage”. Prior to her death Queen Elizabeth II held over 600 Royal Patronages and the (then) Prince of Wales (now King Charles III) some 420. Other members of the Royal family also hold a number of patronages too. While not formally confirmed, it is understood that King Charles III plans to review the number of Royal Patronages to determine what is manageable and this may see a potential reduction.

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Scouts Australia may no longer issue the Queen’s Scout Award in recognition of the achievement of the peak award in the Venturer Scout Section. Similarly, until King Charles III chooses (or not) to endorse a Royal Patronage for Scouts Australia we are not permitted to issue a “King’s Scout” award. There are severe penalties for a breach of patents (the Royal Patronage being one) in doing so.

While a firm timeline has not (yet) been advised for King Charles III to declare the Royal Patronages, it is understood this may not occur until after his coronation (6th May 2023).

Accordingly, until this outcome is advised Scouts Australia will for now be issuing an interim “Venturer Scout Peak Award” certificate, with a covering letter providing context and what has been done by the recipient to achieve this award. Once the outcome of the Royal Patronage question is known then either of the following will occur:

  • If a Royal Patronage is confirmed – all recipients will receive a replacement certificate (The King’s Scout Award) and a badge bearing the St. Edwards Crown (current approved Youth Program badge)
  • If a Royal Patronage is not confirmed – the National Youth Program Team will make a recommendation to the National Operations Committee for the approval of an alternate name/badge. Again, all recipients will receive a replacement certificate and accompanying badge

For those people who are already holders of the Queen’s Scout Award and wish to seek replacement/additional badges the current process enabling this will continue.

We appreciate this outcome will be a difficult situation for our Venturer Scouts and their families. The Queen’s Scout Award is one of the most highly regarded awards in Scouting and is well acknowledged externally as a significant personal development achievement and, in some of our States/Territories, receiving this award (also) contributes toward a student’s year 12 outcomes. Regardless of the final decision it is our intention that this peak award continues to be acknowledged in this way.

Therefore, as soon as we have further clarity, we will write to you again.

Yours in Scouting,

Phil Harrison Nigel Reece
Chief Commissioner of Australia National Commissioner, Youth Program