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The Lord Baden Powell Society

– Invitation to become a member

As a valued supporter of the Scout Movement, we are making an appeal to you to become a financial supporter of the Lord Baden-Powell Society.  Should you wish to join the Society, your contributions will benefit the future of Scouts in Australia.

Over the past 39 years, the Lord Baden-Powell Society has been supporting Youth Members to attend and participate in major Scouting events, such as the Australian Jamboree, International Jamborees and the Australian and New Zealand Ventures, just to name a few.

Earlier this year, Lord Baden-Powell Society provided $28,000 financial supports to Scouts at “OneCamp” that took place in Western Australia. Louis (Victoria) shares his “OneCamp” timetable of experiences with us.

Wow, what a rollercoaster of fun I just had in Western Australia at Onecamp, all thanks to the awesome Lord Baden-Powell Society. So much happened, and I just HAVE to share it with you!

Day 1:Waking up at 5 am and hopping onto a plane with Scouts from all over the place for 4 1/2 hours. The time flew by ’cause we were having so much fun together. After landing, a bus took us straight to OneCamp where we got some super cool merch and lanyards. I was sooo surprised by how many Scouts there were from Hampton Park and Buddha’s Light! My Patrol was on dinner duty and guess what? We whipped up a tasty chile con carne loaded potatoes for 32 kids! And to top the day off, there were opening day celebrations and a disco. We Victorians were super tired after such a long, exciting day.

Day 2:Bright and early, after a quick brekkie, we zoomed off to the City of Perth. It was like the Amazing Race! Museums, ferries, a trip to the zoo – and all of it was free thanks to our lanyards. The lunch was amaze-balls: Katsu Don on rice with pickled seaweed. Oh, and I made my first interstate friend, Alex. By the end of the day, I was so wiped out but happy.

Day 3:We spent this day on the OneCamp site. The morning was jam-packed with archery, volleyball, virtual reality, mini-golf, and board games. Then came a heavy downpour, but the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits. And those deep-fried bread donuts for snack? YUM!


Day 4:Another day of adventures! We had obstacle courses, made a duck from Duplo, played dodgeball, and I even expanded my circle of friends – hi to Gemi, Rob, Jarren, and many more! The evening was full of dinner, card games, and laughs.

Day 5:Early morning swimming and goofing around in the pool was so refreshing! Ice skating was the highlight, and I even learned to use figure skates. The day ended with us feasting on hot chips.

Day 6:A mini expedition named the Survival Challenge. We learned cool survival skills, played laser tag, and enjoyed a campfire with our new pals. Oh, and there was this hilarious moment with our leader Red Skull (or Red Cordie) who made a super sweet cordial!

Day 7:I started the day cooking a whopping 6kg of bacon on a tiny BBQ – yum! After more fun activities and a bit of bribery involving more of that sugary cordial, we took a bus ride back to Onecamp for dinner and more card games.

Day 8:The highlight was Market Day where I set up a paracord trinket shop. It was such a hit! After packing up, the evening was filled with bands, dancing, and lots of fun.

Day 9:Most of the day went in packing, but the closing parade was emotional. Saying goodbye was tough! The flight back home was relaxing with a horror movie and some munchies.

If you too would like to be part of this wonderful great cause and supporting the next generations of Scouting movement. Click the below invitation on how you can become a Lord Baden-Powell Society member.