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World Events

16th World Scout Moot – Portugal 2025

The World Scout Moot is a world event that brings together Rovers and young leaders from different countries and regions. It promotes inter-cultural exchange, understanding, and friendship.

About World Scout Moots

The Moot is designed for young adults with ages between 18 and 25 years old. It takes place every four years and is a unique and enriching experience. The Moot features a wide range of activities and programs, including outdoor adventures, cultural exchanges, community service projects, and educational workshops. These activities are designed to promote personal growth, leadership development, and intercultural learning.

The Moot is a significant event in Scouting: it promotes the principles of the World Scout Movement, fosters international cooperation, and provides young adults with a unique and unforgettable experience. It also encourages participants to become active global citizens and ambassadors for peace and understanding.

Dream and walk that path!

About Portugal 2025

In this Moot we want you to engage, as a Rover, with your local community, your family, friends, and Scout unit to find out what you can change.

Embrace the challenge, build your dream, work on it, and share it with us in this Moot. At the heart of this Moot is our confidence in you! We believe you must be the active builder of your own destiny; you need to make clever choices and be prepared to engage with new challenges to change the world. You have the power to change communities and impact lives!

Expressions of interest are now closed. Registrations for this event will be opening later in 2024! Follow our social platforms below to stay connected and find out the latest news on 16th World Scout Moot – Portugal 2025.