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Leadership Through Adventure Fund

– Reporting

How to create a Adventure Report and Finance Expenditure Report

Plan > Do > Review

Congratulations on receiving The Dick & Pip Smith Leadership through Adventure Fund (LTAF).  After you have completed your adventure, you will need to complete three simple tasks.  They are: 

  1. Sharing your adventures with others- as you stated in your application 
  2. Documenting your reflections or summary of the adventure- you can do it any way- Presentations, videos, report.  If you are stuck we have a template you could use
  3. Advice of spending the funds provided by the LTAF for your adventure.  

On completion of your adventure, you are required to submit details of your expenditure for the funds provided by LTAF.  One way to do this, is to fill in the template below. Your Group Leader and Group Treasurer can also assist you. 

As part of receiving financial support you will be required within 6 weeks after the adventure to share:

1. Your reflections about the adventure

2. Finacial accountability for the funds Lreceived from LTAF .

 You can do each of these any way you like but if you need help, the above templates may assist.

Ensure to include some photos or videos of your adventure, in addition to the items you committed to in your application. Be sure to comment on your experiences, describe the leadership skills developed and when you had to use your responsible risk-taking.

Be Creative!

Your story will be share with all Scouting community to inspire and encourage them to embak their own adventure and submit an application for the future rounds of the funding. The materials from the reports will also be used to promoting Scouting and LTAF, in particular on social platforms and within Scouts Australia marketing collaterals.  

For more information, or enquiry on how to conduct your adventure report and finance expenditure, please contact LTAF team via email LTAF@scouts.com.au.