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Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026

A big plan for Scouting in Australia. At November 2023, we adopted a new National Strategic Plan. It’s a plan to grow a vibrant and diverse movement that changes young lives and their communities for the better.

Our plan lays out a ten-year vision for Scouting and the impact we will have. It then sets out the practical steps we will take over three years to make significant progress towards the vision.

Over this period we will see our contemporary Scouting program for young people better supported than ever -young people and their supporters will love leading their program.

We’ll see a reshaped volunteer model to get more people supporting Scouting. At the same time we’ll tell the community our young people’s stories to significantly grow and moderniseour public profile, with an integrated whole-of-movement effort to bring more young people into Scouting.

We will see the organisational support of Scouting grow in its maturity, unity and future-readiness, with the financial resources required to ensure Scouting thrives. Scouts Australia operates within a world framework for Scouting, and this plan assists in aligning with the opportunities and obligations that come from being part of a global Scouting community. This includes the highest standards of child safety, good governance and educational methods represented through world Scouting policies and strategy.

Scouting in Australia is supported by a federated organisational model –this plan lays out a unified direction for our national association as well as state and territory Branch organisations, driving Scouting together. We will use this plan to drive our efforts and our investments while also mobilising our wider community of support to ensure a vibrant and impactful Scouting movement in Australia.

Our commitment, not just in 2033 but now, is for a Scouting movement that is safe and accessible to all young people, offering a youth program that is Adventurous, Fun, Challenging and Inclusive.

This is a plan that guides the support of Scouting. We don’t expect every young person and Unit to know what’s in it, nor do we expect Scout Groups to rigidly tie their own development planning to this document. But we do expect our professional and volunteer supporters of Scout Groups to see where their role fits in this plan’s forward direction for the support of Scouting and any Branch-level planning that aligns with it. We hope all Scouts will enjoy the benefits of this.​