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80th New Zealand Moot

Wild Moot 2022

Contingent Leader

Georgia Elliott, ACT


Rover Scouts
Recently Booted Rovers**

Travel Dates

14-18 April 2022
Post Tour 18-24 April 2022

Applications Open

January 2022

Scouts Australia is sending a Contingent to attend the 80th New Zealand Moot “Wild Moot” in April 2022.

The Contingent Fee includes the Official Moot Fee, Bar Card, Travel Insurance, Contingent Badge and Administration charges.

Travel to and from New Zealand is independent, and flights are not included. Participants can elect to have internal transport arranged, departing from and returning to Christchurch.

A 6-day optional Post Tour of New Zealand’s South Island is also available.

As goodwill from the pandemic, the Australian Contingent will also be accepting recently Booted Rover Scouts that were eligible to attend the now cancelled 16th World Scout Moot (i.e. born after 19 July 1995 and therefore 26 years of age at the time of this event).

The Australian Contingent is currently recruiting a Deputy Contingent Leader and Tour Coordinator to support the delivery of this event. Role descriptions are available below. For any questions or to apply, please send in a maximum one page document outlining why you are interested in the position and what skills and attributes you have that would to allow you to deliver on the position responsibilities. Applications need to be sent to the Contingent Leader, Georgia Elliott, at georgia.elliott@scouts.com.au by 15 October 2021.



Visit the Scouts Australia On-Line Events Management System (OLEMS) to apply: