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Scouts WA Brand Assets

On this page you’ll find the Scouts WA logos, gumtree graphic designs and other resources. Keep coming back as we add more resources including posters and brochures for you to use.

Before you use this artwork please visit the Scouts Australia Brand Centre, view our video, read the Scouts Australia Brand Book and download the correct fonts.

Scouts WA Logos

Gumtree Graphics

Gumtree Vertical

Gumtree Horizontal

Banner Examples

Feather Banner

Retractable Banner

Click on the artwork you wish to download. Firstly check out the Brand Book for the format that is best for your needs. Please use the logos and gumtree graphics without modifying them. This will ensure that our logos and designs always remain effective and recognisable.

Scouts WA Brand Assets
Scouts WA Logos


  • RGB Logos
  • CMYK Logos
  • PMS Logos


Scouts WA Gumtree Graphics

Gumtree Graphics Guide

Vertical Gumtree Graphics

  • Blue Gumtree
  • Green Gumtree
  • White Gumtree

Horizontal Gumtree Graphics

  • Blue Gumtree
  • Green Gumtree
  • White Gumtree
Scouts WA Banner Graphics
  • Feather Banner
  • Retractable Banner