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Adult Training – General Course Information

As in most National Scout Organisations, Scouts Australia operates the Wood Badge Training Program as a system for the training and development of all its Adult Leaders. It comprises Essentials, Adventure, Management, and Leadership curriculums which are proficiency based and relate to the specific functions of each type of Leader. Additional training programs enhance the acquisition of further skills and knowledge.

Scouts Australia’s Wood Badge Training Program conforms to the requirements of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement (WOSM).

Wood Badge Training Program – Certificate of Proficiency

The Certificate of Proficiency is attained through completion of the relevant Youth Program leader or Program Support Leader curriculum. Each curriculum comprises On The Job training, On Demand Learning, and Face to Face courses.
Participants are assigned a mentor known as a Personal Leader Adviser to guide them through this training. An outline of the content is available at training.scouts.com.au

Upon attaining a Certificate of Proficiency Leaders receive their Gilwell Woggle.

Subject to Branch membership procedures they will also be eligible to receive a Certificate of Adult Appointment.

Wood Badge Training Program – Scouting Leadership

Scouting Leadership builds on the skills and knowledge gained during proficiency training and the opportunity to have applied this learning in a practical environment. Scouting Leadership comprises On Demand Learning, Face to Face course and a project.
Again a mentor may be assigned to support the person progressing through this level of training.

An outline of the curriculum content is available at training.scouts.com.au



  • Leveraging assignments completed during the Scouting Leadership course, a project of approximately 10 hours will be initiated with a specific aim and goals for achievement. Completion of the project will be reviewed by the participant’s Team Leader as part of the final Wood Badge Evaluation step.

On completion Scouting Leadership, the project and an assessment Leaders receive:

  • Wood Badge and Parchment
  • International membership of 1st Gilwell Park Scout Group evidenced by the issuing of the Gilwell Scarf

Wood Badge Training Program – Additional Training

Additional training for Scouts Australia members includes:

  • Supplementary programs for members of Committees
  • Elective Training is offered through the On Demand Learning platform and other practical based experiences (usually a minimum of three hours) as agreed at a Branch
  • Adventurous Activities Training
  • Trainer program for potential Assistant Leader Trainers and Adventurous Activities Guides
  • Assessor program for potential Assistant Leader Trainers
  • A Course for Potential Leader Trainers, held every two years (by invitation only)