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International Travel


Scouts Australia is offering a wide variety of International events over the next few years. A list of events accepting applications is featured below to assist you with your selection.

Please visit http://registrations.international.scouts.com.au/ to submit your application.

Branch Friendship Tours

“Branch Friendship Tours” are any locally organised overseas activity where there is no established Australian Contingent and includes service projects, cultural exchanges, camping events and outdoor adventure activities.

All Branch Friendship Tours must be registered with the National Office and approved by the International Commissioner of Australia.

A Branch Friendship Tour would normally only include members from a single Branch. Members from other Branches who wish to join a specific Branch Friendship Tour organised by another Branch shall do so by registering with the Tour Leader. Such members shall have the approval of their home Branch to participate in the Branch Friendship Tour organised by another Branch.

International Letters of Introduction

Members of Scouts Australia travelling overseas and wanting to join with a local Scout Group overseas must apply for an International Letter of Introduction (ILOI). This document provides evidence that your National Scout Organization has approved your involvement in local Scouting activities. The International Commissioner of Australia will communicate with the host country to verify your membership of the association.

Any member can complete an application for an International Letter of Introduction by completing the online form available in the OLEMS database.

The cost of the International Letter of Introduction (including two Australian scarves and delivery) is $50.

Note: A Letter of Introduction is only issued to members whenever they have plans to participate in or visit a Scouting program or activity whilst overseas.

If your application does not provide detail of any planned Scouting involvement overseas, you are not eligible for a Letter of Introduction

If you want to apply for an ILOI you should start planning early. Ideally, ILOIs should be applied for at least six months out from travel.

Volunteer Camp Staff

There are many opportunities for Rover Scouts to work overseas. Check out some of the destinations on offer:

Kandersteg International Scout Centre

Summer:         June to September
(Applications close 31 Dec each year)

Autumn:          September to December
(Applications close 31 Mar each year)

Winter:            December to March
(Applications close 30 Jun each year)

Spring: March to June
(Applications close 30 Sep each year)

KISC Website
*All applicants will need to contact their Branch International Commissioner for a letter verifying their membership to attach to their application.

Suncheon Asia-Pacific Scout Centre, Korea

1st Term:         Mid-March to Mid-June
(Applications close 31 Dec each year)

2nd Term:       Mid-August to Mid-November
(Applications close 31 May each year)

SAPSC Facebook Page

Scouting Ireland

Short Term:     June to late August
Long Term:      Early February to late August
(Applications close 31 December)

Scouts Ireland Website

Boy Scouts of America

Six weeks beginning in June
(Applications close 1 January each year)

Boy Scouts of America Website
*All applications must be submitted to the International Commissioner of Australia for approval.

Scout Adventures UK

8 months:        February to October
12 months:      August to August
(Short-term options also available at selected centres)

Scouts UK Website
For more information about any of the above opportunities, please contact your Branch International Commissioner, or contact the International Commissioner of Australia directly at: int.comm@scouts.com.au