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Community Involvement

The World Organization of the Scout Movement says that one of the most important parts of being a Scout is helping to create a better world. Today there are 47 million Scouts across the globe actively working to achieve this.

Your Section can contribute to this goal by having a positive impact on your local community.

A commitment to creating a better world is more than ‘service’. Community Involvement is about being active and visible in the local community. Community Involvement must be a part of your Section program. Plan activities where your Section goes out and makes a positive impact on your local community.

Community Involvement is defined as:
Active exploration of an individual’s commitment and responsibility to their community and the wider world.


Community involvement includes:
• Voluntary service within and outside Scouting;
• Contributing to youth education on community and citizenship issues;
• Community partnerships;
• Having a community presence;
• Setting an example for responsible citizenship in the community;
• Empowering youth and the youth voice;
• Advocating for the interests and needs of youth.


Some examples of Community Involvement activities:
• Organising an environmental activity such as a tree planting day with your local community
• Hosting a wider community event such as a quiz, fete or promotional day
• Helping at a local animal shelter
• Attending community-based activities such as ANZAC day
• Visiting a community group that is excluded
• Running a cultural or disability awareness nights
• Visiting religious centres
• First aid training and bushfire awareness also allow Scouts to contribute actively to the community.
• A simple activity out in the community, such as a Scavenger Hunt
• Fundraising activities that increase the public’s knowledge for Scouting

Update: Individual resources have been made available for download.

You can also download all the Community Involvement resources here.