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Scouts Australia Institute of Training

Getting Qualified, What is Currency?

Scouts Australia, through its registered training organisation (RTO: 5443), can recognise prior learning when working towards qualifications. But what does being “current” mean?


When you are completing Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), one of the key requirements that your assessor needs to verify is that your skills and knowledge are current. But what does currency really look like, how long is it before your skills and knowledge are not considered current?

  • Ideally, the evidence you provide from workplace or volunteering roles is less than two years old, but no more than three years old to be considered current.
  • Generally, evidence more than two years old would be related to special circumstances such as in remote locations or participation in large projects, national or international events.
  • For purposes of RPL, formal qualifications or statements of attainment are generally considered current for up to five years.
  • But what if you have been doing the activity for the last 20 years, this is all relevant but you still must be able to demonstrate currency.

For example, someone who has been canoeing for the last 20 years including regular participation in the last three years will have a greater opportunity to complete an assessment via RPL than someone who has been canoeing on and off for 20 years, but has not got in a canoe in the last three years.

To find out how you can convert your experience to industry recognised qualifications, visit the Scouts Australia Institute of Training.