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Scouts Australia Institute of Training

Getting Qualified, What is Sufficiency?

Scouts Australia, through its registered training organisation (RTO: 5443), can recognise prior learning when working towards qualifications. But what does “sufficiency” mean?


When you are completing Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualifications through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), one of the key requirements that your assessor needs to verify is that the evidence provided is sufficient to demonstrate that you have the required skills and knowledge. But what how much is enough to be sufficient?

  • The evidence you provide from workplace or volunteering roles needs to be enough so that the Assessor can determine that competency against set criteria.
  • While one great piece of evidence may be sufficient to demonstrate all of the required skills and knowledge, generally one piece of evidence will not be sufficient.
  • Some people provide a mammoth amount of evidence for the assessor to spend a long time going through, however assessment by volume may still result in not enough evidence to meet all of the required skills and knowledge.
  • Typically for a Recognition of Prior Learning assessment each unit of competency requires about 3 – 8 pieces of evidence to provide sufficient evidence.
  • The Assessors for the Scouts Australia Institute of Training can assist you to match the evidence you have against the required skills and knowledge.

To find out how you can convert your experience to industry recognised qualifications, visit the Scouts Australia Institute of Training.