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A New Image for Scouting in Australia

Friday January 4 is the start of the Australian Jamboree.  It’s also the date we launch Scouts Australia’s redefined image and show the world what a truly amazing and vibrant Movement we are!


It’s more than 20 years since we last reviewed Scouts Australia’s image or ‘brand’. Since then Scouting has faced increased competition. We know Scouting is a great Movement – but we need to do a better job at promoting it.

This will include our logo, but that is just one part of the package. We are looking to improve everything we use to communicate among ourselves and with others outside Scouting. Soon we will all have the tools we need to share positive messages about modern Scouting in our own communities.

This is the first time that we have done such a comprehensive review of how we present Scouting in Australia.

And we are thrilled to have worked with Cato Brand Partners, one of Australia’s and the world’s top design agencies. (You know their work, you see it daily: Commonwealth Bank, Qantas, BHP, Channel 7 – and soon Scouts!)

Early reviews of this work are very encouraging. We recently surveyed more than 1300 current youth members and parents of Scout-age kids who are not (yet) in Scouting.

Both groups rated the new brand image positively:

  • the logo was rated good by 59% of Members who were surveyed and 56% of non-Scout parents
  • a further 20% rated it as average.

But their other responses are even more important.

Our move to a consistent National brand is aimed at supporting our National Strategic Goal of 100,000 members in 2023.

So how might the new branding help with that?

According to our current Members, after seeing the new branding:

  • 33% said they were more likely to stay in Scouting
  • 36% said they were more likely to recommend Scouting to friends
  • And 19% of their parents said they were more likely to volunteer

According to parents outside Scouting:

  • 31% of them said they more likely to send their children to Scouts
  • And 27% they were more likely to volunteer

You can see the new logo first in the opening ceremony of AJ2019. Or watch the live stream.

You’ll be hearing lots more about our new image over coming months – where to get the artwork, how to use it, and all the tools you need to be a Brand Ambassador for Scouting.

But for now, please be patient. It’s only five weeks till we unveil the new look and explain its story!