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The Scouts Australia Brand

On the 4th of January 2019, at the Opening Ceremony of the Australian Jamboree attended by over 10,000 Scouts and watched by 23,000 live stream viewers, Scouts Australia launched a new brand identity to take us into the future.

Reflecting the pattern of the Southern Cross, contours of our land, and the Scout Section colours, our new branding has, as its centre, the fleur de lis. This is the symbol of Scouting which connects us to each other and the world. Graphics depicting the markings of Australian gumtrees provide the background to our Scouting.

Our new branding was designed by Queen’s Scout and eminent designer Dr Ken Cato OAM who reaffirmed his Promise in a special ceremony at the Jamboree. Ken explained “Scouts has changed so much, we had to get some of that energy and modernity into the logo” in an interview with Channel 10 Adelaide following the ceremony.

Scouts Australia now invites you to view our brand story in the video above. If you are a Scouts Australia member we also invite you to log onto the Scouts Australia Brand Centre with your membership number and online Scout Central/Training password. This will give you access to the artwork and resources now available to promote Scouting. Come back regularly as we add to our branding resource collection.   Questions regarding the use of the brand may be directed to brand@scouts.com.au