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Lord Baden-Powell Society

A Dusty Recount of AJ2019

The Lord Baden-Powell Society help support young people to participate in Scouting. Riley, one recipient of support, shares his dusty Jamboree story, made possible by the LBPS.


Oh, the dust…

If there only was one word to describe AJ2019 – it would be DUSTY… 2 words – DUSTY and HOT… and if I was allowed 3 words, DUSTY, HOT AND AMAZING! An incredible atmosphere with special memories that made AJ2019 the BEST!

There were many factors that made this Jamboree the best Scout camp ever. The funest part for me was all the activities that were available such as Woodhouse, Wet ‘n’ Windy, The Cube, Splash, Whizz, and my favourite of all was Bang – it had BMX riding, ice skating, shooting and even African drumming.

I’m really grateful to all the Leaders and Organisers who put so much thought, effort and enthusiasm into AJ2019. Also, I’d like to shout out a BIG THANKYOU to the Lord Baden-Powell Society (LBPS) Grant for their generous support and everyone that donated money to Sandgate Scouts fundraising which made it possible for me to attend. I would like to let you know that your generosity has created fond memories for me and friendships that will last a lifetime.

With much gratitude and best wishes,

Riley from QLD

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