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Position Vacancy

National Rover Council External Review Consultant

The National Rover Council (NRC) is looking for a person/s to take on the role of a consultant to review the NRC, its functions, and its structures. 


At the 2019 National Rover Council (NRC) Conference, a series of systemic issues facing the Council were identified, including:

  • Information loss between Branch Rover Council (BRC) Chair, Delegate and NRC Executive terms;
  • A perceived low return-on-investment for stakeholders, including BRCs and grassroots Rover Scouts;
  • A disconnect between the Council’s outcomes and the aims of the Councils itself, as set out in its by-laws;
  • Inefficiencies in the Council’s processes;
  • Difficulties in communication internal and external to the Council;
  • The Council’s ineffectiveness in acting on the outcomes of internally-conducted reviews; and
  • Decreasing levels of engagement with the Council.

As a result of this, it was the decision of the NRC at its January 2019 conference to engage a consultant who is external to the Rover Scout Section to undertake a review of the NRC, its function, and its structures.

The purpose of this review is to improve the effectiveness of the Council and its governance structures in order to deliver better outcomes for Rover Scouts in Australia.


Application Process

Groups or individuals should please submit an expression of interest, containing:

  • Curriculum Vitae (Scouting and Professional)
  • A statement addressing: Why you are interested in this role; What you hope to achieve through this review, and any strategies you will use; Why you are the right person for this role; What previous experience you have which will assist with this role; and When you wish to have this completed by (note: the 2021 NRC Conference is the latest possible date). A strict maximum of two (2) A4 pages will be accepted for this statement.
  • Two (2) referees, with one referee being from a Scouting person.

Applications should be sent to the NRC Chair by email at nrcchair@scouts.com.auand are due at 11:59pm AEDT on the 29th of March, 2019.