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Adventurous Journeys

Adventurous Journeys and Where to Find Them

Around every corner there is an adventurous journey that our youth members can explore. In our new youth program, each Section’s peak award requires a ‘journey’ drawing on the leadership and personal growth achieved in that Section.

The requirements for adventurous journeys change as our youth members grow and develop as individuals through the Scouting program.

The best ideas for adventurous journeys are from the youth members themselves.  Adult Leaders support youth members’ goals and guide them through this component of the Achievement Pathways.

The journey can be any type of “adventurous activity” human or nature-powered journey such as 

  • bushwalking
  • canoeing
  • cross-country skiing
  • cycling
  • kayaking
  • sailing

OR one of the many other options available that will ensure our youth have fun, be challenged, enjoy the adventure and most of all feel included.  Youth members embark on their journey with a Patrol of youth members from their Section or from several Sections. For example, a Scout may take other Scouts, but may also wish to invite some Venturer Scouts.

The journey should not occur in cars, trains, aeroplanes or as a four-wheel driving experience, and travel to the start and the end of the journey is not counted in the overall journey time. 


The adventurous journey is about applying skills and knowledge, and taking the opportunity to enjoy nature and its beauty, whilst simultaneously achieving a recognised outcome. It is what is learnt along the way that is just as important as the end result.

What Does this Look Like in Each Section?

Joey Scouts – a 3 hour journey

  • Involved in all stages of the Plan > Do > Review > cycle
  • Help pick an activity, location of activity and a time that will suit all
  • Review the journey, thinking about what went well, what didn’t go well, and what can they improve for next time.

Recently, Joey Scouts from New South Wales completed bush walks in local reserves.  Others explored small segments of multi-day trails through National Parks.


Cub Scouts – a 4 hour journey

Scouts  – a 3 day, 2 night journey

  • Plan and lead extending their knowledge and skill in risk management, planning, group management and the activity area of their choosing.
  • Review > their journey, reflecting on their journey with the Unit Council.

Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts – a 4 day, 3 night journey

  • This should be extending knowledge and skills, posing a challenge to the Venturer Scout or Rover Scout whose journey it is.
  • Adventurous journeys in these older sections could take many different formats.  Ideas include:
    • Planning, doing and reviewing a teams involvement in the Massive Murray Paddle
    • Hiking the Overland Track, Larapinta Track or even the Kokoda Track
    • Skiing parts of the Great Alpine Walking Trail
    • Journeys less about distance- riding a recumbent bicycle along a part of the Golden Pipeline Heritage Track in Western Australia, or sailing the coast (or part thereof) between Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast.