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Scouts Australia Institute of Training

Using Leader Training Towards Qualifications

Using the TASK acronym, understanding how you can use your leader training towards industry recognised qualifications is easy!


Plenty of people ask what the difference is between Scout leader training and gaining Qualifications.

  • Leader training uses e-Learning and other methods to provide you with necessary Knowledge.
  • Practical training courses and demonstrations provided by your colleagues provide useful Skills.
  • Observations and recommendations from other adults in Scouting assist in demonstrating that you can Apply the Skills and Knowledge.

Scout leader training is to prepare you for the role you are undertaking and is done in stages allowing you to add Skills and Knowledge into your learning journey in a Time frame that is suited to yourself. When assessing you for a Qualification the volunteer Assessors with the Scouts Australia Institute of Training (RTO: 5443) are looking for evidence within a Time frame of typically 3 years to show that you can complete the specified task. 

The TASK acronym is one way to view the multiple components of Scout leader training being brought together if want to achieve a Qualification.

  • T – Time frame 
  • A – Application
  • S – Skills
  • K – Knowledge

For further information on the Qualifications available via the Scouts Australia Institute of Training.