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Transition to Uniforms with New Branding Continues

The journey of transitioning to our new brand continues, with some Scout uniforms now beginning to feature the new 11 colour embroidered logo.


We have been working closely with our badge and uniform factories to recreate the new Australian Scout logo in its fully layered 11 colour version to better represent the full colour logo. We are pleased to announce that this has been achieved! Some sizes of this shirt are now starting to be delivered to the Scout Shop with the new 11 colour logo already embroidered on the uniforms. Other sizes still have stock of the old logo and come supplied with a free iron & stitch-on badge, also now in the new 11 colour version to match the new shirts.

In the spirit of using resources wisely, we are bringing in new logo shirts only as the sizes of the old shirts run out of stock. It is not possible to specifically order a new logo shirt. New logo shirts may not be available in all sizes for up to 12 months with some styles and sizes not in production yet.