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Adult Training & Development

New On Demand Learning Modules

We’ve looked at how to improve our online learning and recognise the different ways our members learn. As a result, we’ve now launched five new on-demand modules using the new format, and invite all members to check them out!


In October, we released the following five new on-demand learning modules to directly support the delivery of the Youth Program, and help all adult Leaders get a good understanding on the foundations of the Program.

  • Plan > Do > Review >
  • Youth Leading, Adults Supporting
  • The Scout Method
  • Educational Objectives and SPICES
  • Spiritual Development in Scouting

You’ll find these modules within the Basic Core Modules area of the Scouts Australia Training site at training.scouts.com.au

The new modules incorporate some of the features which will become the standard approach for future on demand learning modules;

  • Youth members have been used in the voice overs
  • The Basic Core Modules are common training elements for Adult Leaders.

At this stage, completion of these modules is not a prerequisite for issuing a Certificate of Adult Leadership, however they will become a prerequisite as the curriculum changes during 2020. In the meantime, we encourage all members to log onto training.scouts.com.au and explore the modules.

Each module contains test questions at both beginning and end. A participant who successfully completes a set of test questions at the beginning will be able to proceed to the end of the module and answer some final questions.