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Sustainable Development Goals

SDG6 – Clean Water and Sanitation

Providing access to clean water and proper sanitation services can save millions of lives a year by preventing water-borne diseases, dehydration, and contamination.

More than 40 percent of people around the world suffer from water scarcity – which may only get worse due to climate change. Although 2.1 billion people have improved water sanitation since 1990, dwindling drinking water supplies are affecting every continent (UNPD).

Even from the start of the movement, we have been encouraged as Scouts to use good hygiene and care for waterways through careful camp practices. While the approaches may have changed, the idea of ensuring we stay healthy, provide good sanitation and care for water resources remains. In our Sustainability Strategy & Action Plan, though, we carry on this tradition through outcomes related to minimizing our impacts on waterways. Check out the resources below to learn more, take action, and then share to spread the word.

Learn more and take action


How can you influence the provision of Clean Water and Sanitation?

Scouts Australia’s youth program team have started developing ideas for how you might engage with each of the Sustainable Development Goals. In Australia we are fortunate to have many fresh water access points on many of our outdoor adventures, but how can we be certain that our water is clean and drinkable?

This card challenges you to contribute to our global goal of Clean Water and Sanitation by challenging you to make a water filter, and considering how you would filter water on different adventures. Why don’t you test out a few types whilst you are at home, ready for your next big adventure. Every small part counts as we work towards these goals!


Share your efforts

Now that you’ve taken action, share it to inspire others. If you post to social media, please tag Scouts Australia and include the hashtags #Scouts4SDGs #ScoutsAustralia #SDG06 #CleanWater, and then head over to scout.org to register your project: https://www.scout.org/node/add/project


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