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Sustainability Strategy

​Scouts Australia’s Sustainability Strategy & Action Plan

With the completion of their three year plan in 2017, the National Environment Team wanted to look broader than what they could achieve, and so started mapping things we could do Nationally, as Branches and in our Groups to support delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From this exercise in July 2017 grew Scouts Australia’s first Sustainability Strategy & Action Plan, bringing together the input from senior leaders, youth members, subject matter experts in Scouting and research from other organisations.

While the Sustainability Strategy & Action Plan was officially approved at the National Operations Committee in April 2019, it builds on decades of work already undertaken by Scouts across Australia, and maps a path to our continued support for the SDGs. We recommend you check out the Background section of the Strategy to learn more about this history, and then see the rest of the Strategy to see where we are headed.

Our Sustainability Vision and Outcomes

By 2025, Scouts Australia will have embedded action for sustainable development, with accepted practices in place to improve inclusion in scouting programs, move to more positive environmental impacts, and provide leadership as an organisation that embraces the diversity of our society.

Through this Strategy and Action Plan, we aim to deliver the following outcomes:

  • Economic status is no barrier to participation
  • We have active programs that encourage good health and wellbeing
  • Our method and program delivers quality non-formal education
  • All parts of scouting ensure gender equity, with members at all levels reflecting our diverse communities
  • Our facilities have a net positive impact on waterways, maximise their water efficiency and improve energy efficiency
  • Our activity pursuits in the outdoors and related natural environments adopt a minimal impact approach
  • We are an employer of choice
  • Youth Members increase their passion for and knowledge of STEM
  • Scouting is recognised for its leading approach to diversity and inclusion

Check out the Sustainability Strategy & Action Plan to learn more.

We’ve created pages about each SDG where you can learn more, and explore ways that you can tackle them on your own or with others. 

If you want to get involved, you can get in touch with your Branch Commissioner for Diversity & Inclusion or Environment, or reach out to a member of the National Sustainability Team via sustainability@scouts.com.au