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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Australian Jamboree 2022 Appeal

The Lord Baden-Powell Society continues to raise funds through the 2022 Appeal to help assist young people to experience transformative events.

A Jamboree is a get together of Scouts from all over Australia and overseas. It is a time when young people of different cultures and backgrounds get to know one another, begin to understand how they can peacefully co-exist and build lasting friendships. Often there is only one opportunity for a Scout to attend a Jamboree during their time as a Scout.

At a Jamboree, Scouts are laying the groundwork for their own future. So therefore a Jamboree means much more than the enriching experience of camping with others, making new friends, acquiring pen pals, swapping badges and learning new skills. I was lucky enough to attend my first Jamboree at Wonga Park in Victoria in 1948 and still value friendships with people I met there.

But there is down-side to this wonderful opportunity. Some of the kids who would benefit most, cannot afford to attend, and that’s just not the Scouting way.

I am writing to you because you could help to make this dream come true for a young Scout from anywhere in Australia. The cost of sending a Scout to a Jamboree these days is expensive and outside the reach of some Scouts and their families. With a gift to the Lord Baden-Powell Society Jamboree Fund, you could help give a disadvantaged Scout a lifetime memory and experience that a Jamboree brings.

Your donation today of $100, $200, or $450 to the Lord Baden-Powell Society Jamboree Fund will really make a difference tomorrow. This fund is maintained by the Lord Baden-Powell Society and will be shared by Scouts from all States and Territories in Australia and your donation is tax deductible.

Please consider making a donation or even becoming a Financial Contributing Donor Member of the Society today.

Yours Sincerely,

David W. Jones.  AM. FCA.

LBPS Chairman