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Scouting and Evolving Technology

There have been a range of changes and updates in the national Scouting technology environment over the last twelve months; Some more evident than others. We thought you might like a quick re-cap.


Like our world today, Scouting technology has evolved to support our movement.

As has previously been communicated, the training platform has undergone a significant face-lift and re-formatting. These bite-size elements to each module now provides greater flexibility to engage in training on-demand, completing aspects in shorter timeframes and with greater flexibility. New and re-created modules have been, and continue to be, progressively upgraded and loaded – be sure to keep your eye out as more appear in the coming months.

The SAIT team introduced electronic distribution of Statements of Attainment, and have implemented QR codes on Statements of Attainment and Qualifications. Most recently they have been working to enable a streamlined online enrolment process. Look out for this to be launched in the near future.


It is not uncommon for us to hear “the only constant in life is change”, and it seems the technology world is evident of that!

Scouts | Terrain has been introduced as the primary programming and achievement tracking mechanism for the youth program. As Groups and Branches transition between the two youth programs, the adoption of the platform will increase. Scouts Central as the program support tracking system will progressively be scaled back, and no further updates are anticipated to occur on this platform.

As one Group Leader remarked, “Scouts | Terrain has been built to support the new program. It has not been built to support the old program. It seems that where we are having the most issues is that we are trying to do old program in the new system, and that’s not what it has been designed for, and nor will it work.”

Our International portfolio have been using Online Event Management systems (OLEMS) for a number of years, and it continues to develop and evolve to support the changing demands and expectations of Branch Friendship Tours, Contingents and other major events that operate through the system. As travel bubbles evolve, we eagerly anticipate the additional functionality that recent updates have provided, and a progressive streamlining of applications and management through this system.

More broadly, many of us have become increased users of Microsoft Teams, Zoom and the like to facilitate online Scouting. We applaud each and every one of you for the resilience you have role-modelled as we seemingly constantly and continuously adapt to changing technologies and circumstances.


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