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Our New Brand

Almost One Month Since Launch!

Our new branding was launched at the Jamboree, and the Jamboree site transformed overnight to show the creative ways in which our brand can be used.

If you’ve not yet seen the launch video explaining our new logo, check it out below!

The story of our new branding is about Scouting’s connection with nature and outdoor adventure.

We urge you to download the video and share it widely.

The branding was extremely well received by youth members at the Jamboree, and in prior testing with young people and parents, both within and outside Scouting.

To assist with access to the new branding we have created a national Brand Centre. You will need to login to the Brand Centre as you do for training or Scout Central.

There you can download available items – the Brand Book, logos, the font, artwork for pull-up banners and more.

Letterhead, business cards, email signatures, brochures, posters, and much much more are on the way. 

We have many items planned – and welcome your suggestions at brand@scouts.com.au – but please be patient as we work hard to roll this out.

One caution: it is very important to read the Brand Book to understand how to use these materials. Our logo is a registered trademark which all States have agreed to use – instead of our previously fragmented marketing.

The logo cannot be modified. Please use it according to the Brand Book guidelines. If you have a query on its use, send it to brand@scouts.com.au

Please follow the Brand Centre over the months ahead for more marketing tools.

If you have questions, the FAQ below might help. Or email your questions and suggestions to brand@scouts.com.au


The announcement of the new branding has also led to many questions. Here are some answers.

Why are we changing the national brand?

We last reviewed our branding in 1973 and 1997 so it was timely to review this again. Also, the new youth program is imminent. Another reason to review.

Over the past 20 years, each state Branch had developed its own branding.

At the April 2018 NEC meeting, Chief Commissioners resolved to adopt a single national brand.

When does the new brand happen?

The transition began at AJ2019 but there is no time limit. For many, the change will take a few years – as long as it takes to get a new Scout shirt – although there are pocket badges available at The Scout Shop, if you can’t wait. We want people to embrace and use the new brand, but there is no pressure.

What are the benefits?

Scouting needs a unified, youth-focused, contemporary image that resonates with the public. At present we are fragmented – every Branch is different. Strong branding will help increase recognition that Scouting is alive and strong. This helps with recruiting and funding.

What is the cost?

A Scout is resourceful, and Scouts Australia has been very thrifty on this project. We also expect minimal costs in transitioning to the new brand over the next few years. Digital assets will be upgraded first, then stationery and display materials as they need to be replaced. Newer items will include the new branding.

What cost to my Group?

As little or as much as you wish. Move as fast or as slowly as it suits you.

Most are making digital changes like websites and emails as soon as materials are available in the Brand Centre. Some Scout Groups are already adding the new branding to their halls, e.g. painting the new logo on their front door.

Other items like stationery, signage, etc will be updated when they due for replacement.

You may decide to buy some pocket badges for our members to sew over the old logo; you may decide to get fresh letterhead when the old one runs out; or you may choose to get some fresh signage (in the new format) for your hall. It’s entirely up to you.

Why not spend this money on halls?

The money that has been spent on this project wouldn’t renovate a single hall. But, as an investment in our future, it may bring significant returns: membership, funding, etc. Remember, the best fundraiser is getting more members to share the cost of running the Group.

Just a logo?

No, it’s a whole range of devices, a visual language and tone of voice, key messages, and much more. These add up to a set of tools – and a manual, the Brand Book – to empower every member of Scouts Australia to be a brand ambassador for Scouting.

The uniform?

The badge on the pocket of the shirt will change in the second half of 2019 when the current stock of shirts is exhausted. (People buying shirts with the old logo will be given a badge of the new logo, if they wish to sew it on.)

For those who aren’t getting a new shirt for a while and would like to wear the new logo sooner, badges that you can sew on your uniform pocket are available. This is not compulsory. But they’re pretty cool!

When do we find out more?

The Brand Centre for all members is on the national website.

There you can login to access the elements, logos, fonts and templates you will need.

A critical item is the Brand Book which explains how to use the new brand.

Please note: The new brand is a registered trademark of Scouts Australia.  While it belongs to us all, we must all use it correctly.

The logo cannot be modified.

More questions? Suggestions for items to help drive the brand?

Write to brand@scouts.com.au