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Consultation Opportunity

Reviewing Our Peak Award Designs

Consultation is now open on the design of our Peak Award badges and Section Icons! Let us know your thoughts using our online survey for youth members and adult supporters.


Earlier this year we launched our new program and a new brand at AJ2019. Together, these initiatives bring about a modern and dynamic Scout movement in Australia. It’s now making us reimagine everything else we do in Scouting to ensure our new brand is consistent across our organisation. From the signs on our halls to the badges on our uniform, we’re making sure the new brand reflects Scouts as a fun, challenging, adventurous and inclusive organisation.

With this, we now have a unique and rare opportunity to examine and refresh the look of the Peak Awards to ensure they reflect our new brand, new program, and the expectations of our young people. Since it’s such an important topic that could impact our badges for years to come, we’re looking to hear your feedback – from both young people and their adult supporters.

We believe that the badges within the new youth program reflect the personal development and the nature of the challenges required to achieve them. The Peak Award badges in the new program need to reflect this personal development and achievement, and complement the dynamic visuals that make the rest of the program exciting, inspiring and engaging.

This survey also addresses a concept we’re considering called the section icons. Each section in Scouting has a short motto, which tells the story of what the personal progression and challenge of that section is all about. We’ve conceptualised some icons that are visual representations of these mottos, and therefore the journey, challenge and personal development opportunities that are available in each section. 

Queen’s Scout and international branding expert, Dr Ken Cato AO, has been the creative expert behind these concepts you’ll see in the survey. We’re thrilled to have Ken, and his company, Cato Brand Partners, work with Scouts Australia on this project. 

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey before the 16th June. We look forward to sharing the results with you.