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WSM 2021 Ireland: Frequently Asked Questions

Contingent Leader: Sorrel Fuller

Eligibility: Rovers

Travel Dates: 19 July – 29 July 2021


How do I register?

A very important question! You can follow the link to go to the Scouts Australia International website for event registration. Enter your login details and it should be easy as!

I can’t pay my fees on time, what should I do?

It is super important that you endeavour to pay your fees on time. If you don’t, we may have to forfeit your spot on a tour or worse, not take you away with us. You will also be chased down by a grumpy admin lady a-la- the slug lady from Monsters Inc (a much cuter, less slimy version called Georgia).

General Event Info

How do patrols work? How do I know who is in my patrol?

The Moot team in Ireland allocate tribes and patrols. Patrols will consist of 10 participants, from a range of countries. You will be notified about your patrol allocation close to the start of Moot. You may also be provided with contact details ie. email addresses so that you can all get in touch early.

Unfortunately you cannot choose your patrol or tribe. But that’s super cool! It’s like lucky dip of new international friends! Rest assured, the majority of patrol members will probably be able to communicate in English to some degree.

I heard there was a castle. Is this true?

Yes! There is a big ole castle! Malahide Castle is 10min from the airport and 25min Dublin city centre. This will be the location of the main campsite.

What is the deal with the Contingent Merchandise? Do I have to get it?

All members of the Contingent will receive an Australian scarf, contingent badges (for uniform/swapping), a name badge and a few other items of specially-designed and made merchandise. These are yours to keep and covered in your fees! Think of them like a little uniform. They also make great pieces to swap with members from other contingents (esp. if they’re not your favourite). Additional merchandise may be available to purchase for this reason.

I still have more questions, what do I do?

Firstly, just do a quick double-check through the website. There’s a lot there. If in doubt, you can always contact us directly.

However, we may not have covered EVERYTHING you need to know just yet because, well, we might not know either. But just trust us on this one. All info will be continuously updated upon confirmation with Ireland, and the Contingent Newsletters are your best resource.

Travel & Accomodation

What is up with accomodation? Can I have a hotel room please? Will tents be provided?

Unfortunately, we doubt there are enough tents (or hotel rooms!) in the city of Dublin to house all participants. Please organise and bring your own tent and sleeping gear – and make sure it will be weather appropriate! Remember that everything you pack you will need to be able to carry. Leave your swag at home.

Do I need to book my own flights?

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: You will need to book your own flights to meet the Contingent and go home (or wherever you’re off to next). Connecting flights to/from tours and the event will be included in tour fees. You will know more about this after registering for tours.

Do I need a passport? Do I need a visa?

We’re not sure how you would manage boarding the plane without a passport (you won’t). Please get one asap- the earlier the better! Passports can take up to 6 months to arrange.

Visas depend on citizenship and the country. We are no experts, so we recommend double-checking the Smart Traveller Website.

Safety & Wellbeing

Will I have fun? I am super nervous/ have never been to an international event before.

We can’t guarantee that everything will go perfectly, the sun will shine in Ireland (lol) or that you’ll win the lotto… BUT yes.

If you want to really enjoy yourself here are our hot tips:

  1. Be outgoing – make new friends, start new conversations, everyone’s there to have fun too!
  2. Give everything a go – don’t skimp on activities, make sure you know what’s scheduled for the day and push yourself to try new things
  3. Smile! – even if there’s a warning about the nearby active volcano, or your entire campsite blows over (see: Iceland 2017). But don’t worry, at WSM you will have plenty of reasons to smile! 🙂

I have dietary requirements/allergies. Will these be met at Moot?

When it comes to food or allergies, please be aware that it is primarily up to you, to manage and communicate your needs. Our Contingent Welfare Team and Management Team can also provide support as necessary. Remember to ensure that we are well-informed (during registration) about all medical needs.

Participants at Moot will be catering for themselves within their patrol or tribe. All food/ingredients will be provided on site. Previously, those with similar dietary requirements have been therefore put together for ease. However, this is all managed by the team in Ireland.

If you have any other additional needs, please reach out to our team immediately so we can liaise with the Moot Committee on your behalf.

I’ve done something silly and injured myself before Moot. Can I still attend?

In the event of serious injury or illness leading up to Moot, please contact the Contingent Management Team directly, as soon as possible. We can assist with a management plan, activity rearrangements (where possible), and refund enquiries.

Who do I talk to if I need help?

Our CMT is full of friendly people whose sole job is to help you. The lovely Em in charge of Welfare should be your first contact in regards to any medical needs. You can use our email form to contact the welfare team directly before the event.

Protocol for what to do about immediate serious issues and emergencies during Moot, will be covered during Contingent orientation.