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WSM 2021 Ireland: Contingent Tours

Contingent Leader: Sorrel Fuller

Eligibility: Rovers

Travel Dates: 19 July – 29 July 2021

Extra Travel with Extra Inclusions

Got itchy feet when you’re out of Australia?
Joining the Contingent Pre-Tour and/or Post-Tour allows you to do more travel in the company of your fellow Aussie Scouts. You can choose to do one tour or both, but be quick because spots will fill up fast!

Pre Tour: The UK & Ireland

Post Tour: Spain, Portugal & Morocco

What you Get

Group Pricing & Logistics

More affordable travel and more inclusions as part of the group. Have us to do all the details of the trip for you!

Travel Insurance

Scouts Australia insurance covers participants for their entire time with the Contingent. We recommend members read over the paperwork available upon registration.


Linking Flights

Flights between the tour and Moot are included in your tour fees and booked by the Contingent.

What You Need to Get


You will need to arrange and purchase your own flights to join or leave the Contingent.

Visas & Documents

If necessary, you will need to arrange your own visa and other documentation. This may include additional travel insurance if you do any without the Contingent.

Money for Extras

Not all activities on the trip are compulsory or included. You will need extra spending money to cover these costs.