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Scouts Australia Institute of Training

Productively Using Self Isolation Time for Industry Recognised Qualifications

During the current health pandemic, the Scouts Australia Institute of Training (RTO: 5443) is assisting youth and adults to complete industry recognised qualifications.

Due to the current health pandemic, more and more people have lost their job or had a significant reduction in hours. As a result, the job market is incredibly competitive, making it harder to stand out against other candidates. The Scouts Australia Institute of Training (SAIT) can assist you with additional qualifications to help increase your chances in the competition for work.

Qualifications and Statements of Attainment are awarded at no cost to members of Scouting. These are issued through recognition of prior learning (RPL) and credit transfer. While we typically use evidence from your Scouting journey to assist you in completing a qualification, evidence can also be used from elsewhere such as workplaces.

We know that some people will want a qualification quickly and the SAIT team will work with any member who has been impacted by the current situation. The time it takes to complete a qualification relies on your experiences and your ability to work with and provide your assessor with sufficient evidence that they can use to assist you in completing a qualification.

If you are a member who has had your job impacted and would like to seek, through a RPL process, externally accredited qualifications, please go to training.scouts.com.au for further details or contact the training administrators in your Branch office.