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Our New Youth Program

1200 Scouts Begin User Testing Our New Digital System, Scouts | Terrain

During June, 1200 Scouts have been given access to Scouts | Terrain, our new digital system that will help transform Scouting! Their job is to provide feedback on the system to ensure it’s ready for launch from late July.


The launch of Scouts | Terrain, our new digital system, has taken a leap forward this month with round two of user testing commencing. Last week, we gave over 1,200 Scouts access to our new digital system to provide an end user perspective on how it will support their Scouting adventures.

These Scouts come from 14 Scout Groups around the country. They were chosen based on their high levels of engagement with the previous temporary digital system, Pioneer Tracker. Their expectations of what the new digital system can achieve is fundamental in helping us to launch Scouts Terrain as a tool that will help transform Australian Scouting.

During their onboarding session on 14th June 2020, the product development team at Two Bulls provided in depth training on the new system. Initial feedback from users was promising, with comments such as “Really looking forward to seeing and using this system – it looks amazing. Well done to everyone involved.” From another system tester, we heard “Just wanted to say I’m super excited for this and it looks cool. I’m just jealous that we didn’t have this while I was still a youth member.”

Supporting these Scout Groups is a team of 30 digital system champions, chosen by their Branch, to become expert users of Scouts | Terrain. These Scouts, ranging in ages and experiences, were similarly upskilled into the digital system during June with a detailed walkthrough of the system by the project development team from Two Bulls. These champions will be an integral support in the rollout of Scouts Terrain, and be the first point of contact for Scouts needing system support.

iPad Screenshot Basecamp Digital System

These Scout Groups now have two weeks to freely explore, deconstruct, inquire and try break the online platform. Their feedback, suggestions and experiences will be reviewed by the team at Two Bulls to ensure success when launched to all Scouting members in late July.