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Youth Program

Scouts | Terrain Launching Late July

It’s been a dream since the beginning of the new youth program journey, and it’s almost ready for you to explore. Scouts can soon navigate through their Scouting journey using Scouts | Terrain, our custom built digital system designed for 21st century Scouting.


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This web application has been purpose built, using the latest software development tools, and will be key to the transformation of Scouting in Australia.

It will be an award-winning system thanks to the enthusiasm of our team and the passion and dedication of the developers at Two Bulls who have worked hard to understand Scouting, unpack our extensive list of requirements and then work tirelessly to make it happen.

Take a scroll below to explore how the system will look and feel when it launches later this month.

Scouts | Terrain is our youth program digital system. It’s a word we’re familiar with in Scouting – “the physical features of a piece of land or area.”

In Scouting, we are challenged to cross the mountain range. To explore the variety of possibilities, communities and adventures that the wide terrain of the youth Program offers. We all have a unique journey across the terrain of Scouting. Scouts | Terrain is a specially designed tool which challenges Scouts to explore new adventures, to try new things, and to seek new pathways. As a word, it describes the place we do Scouting. As a tool, Scouts | Terrain supports us to experience the Program.

Explore the basecamp.

All adventures start from a basecamp.

Full details of achievements and partial achievements.

Access factsheets and more information about a component of the program.

Explore all the Achievement Pathways and choose what you want to learn, participate in or work towards

Link your achievements to your Program

Upload photos, links, videos, files and documents to show completion.

Accessible everywhere.

Even in the bush on your Adventurous Journey.

Our vision and design brief were clear – to create the best personal progression and programming tool for youth members and adults. Scouts | Terrain will be focused around the creation and the delivery of our youth program for members, as well as effective reporting to help youth and adult leaders continue to grow Scouting.

It’s going to be a system that will be just as dynamic and modern as our new youth program, and we know it will further improve the Scouting experience for all members.

John Clarke

Project Commissioner Transformation

Lots to explore.

Easy to navigate.

Intuitive programming.

Bring adventures together in one place.

Modular, flexible programming which can adapt to youth members programming habits.

Simple linking between program items youth members create and their Achievement Pathways.

Youth members can contribute ideas for program items to a sharing library for inspiration.

Relevant and appropriate parent access to the program.

Engaging Review> features.

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Scouts Terrain Feedback
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Passionate developers.

Our software development partners at Two Bulls understand Scouting.

Two Bulls are a digital product consultancy based in both Melbourne and New York. They ticked all the right boxes for our needs.

  • They took time to understand Scouting.
  • We could see their passion for our Purpose.
  • Their track record and list of achievements excited us.
  • Their proposed product left us waiting for more.
  • They told us the answers to problems our members face when using digital Scouting tools, and how we can improve them.
  • Their solution delivered the criteria of our Business Requirements Document.

Working with our developers over the last few months, we have been inspired by their creativity, innovative problem solving and passion for this project. Their dedication, hard work and deep understanding of what Scouting does and why they all love to be involved in the project is proudly on display. They’re talking our language, using our phrases and challenging our ideas, to make a better product. There is strong collaboration between Two Bulls and Scouts Australia, which will continue throughout development as we build a digital system that’s right for our Program. Two Bulls are striving to build another award winning creation.

Scouts | Terrain, Launching to Scouting in late July!