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Youth Program

When Old Meets New

Our youth program is reimagining Scouting for the 21st century. But what’s changing, and what should we expect when the old meets new?

Our youth program is being progressively implemented across Australia. As we see, hear and discuss the changes, there’s some important differences to be aware of. Take a read of the below highlights of when old meets new.

Young People at The Centre

It’s a principle of the World Scout Youth Programme Policy, and a key part of the Scouts Australia Youth Program Policy, but what does young people at the centre actually mean?


Section Councils

The program is fundamental to the success of the Section. The program must reflect the interests, goals and inspirations of the young people who participate.


The SPICES of Scouting

Taken directly from the Purpose of Scouting, the areas of social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual make up the fundamental basis of a person’s character, making six areas in total.

The six areas come together into an acronym commonly known as SPICES. Scouting is about fostering personal growth in all six areas of personal development, and the concept of SPICES help us to remember those areas. The outcomes that are achieved in Scouting, the educational objectives, are summarised below. They are adapted for each section, based on each SPICES area.


Community Involvement

Community Involvement is part of the activities of many Sections and Scout Groups. Scouting members are active participants in many community-oriented events occurring in March and April, including Clean-Up Australia Day, Harmony Day and ANZAC Day commemorations.


When Old Meets New" Past and New Program Experiences Poster