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Lord Baden-Powell Society

Thank You For Your Contributions

The Lord Baden-Powell Society appreciate your contributions that help support our youth members.


To all our Donors and Supporters,

We are extremely pleased to report that we have recently received a very positive response to our follow-up ‘Continue to Donate’ letter sent in April to all our members whom we hadn’t heard from for a couple of years. I am sure that they also would have been very happy to have received correspondence from us.

There are many reasons why we sometimes experience a ‘glitch’ in our communication flow in sending our reminder letters out, for example:

  • Emails can sometimes get lost into the Spam folder
  • Our database system has a “mind of its own” and it doesn’t tick-over to the next ‘follow-up’ date

However, the reasons why we seem to have stopped communicating is simply because the contact details that we have for you are no longer up-to-date. This can be your home address or PO Box number, or email address and contact numbers. It mostly happens when people move to a new home and forget or fail to inform us of recent changes in their circumstances.

If you are a regular donor to the Lord Baden-Powell Society (LBPS) and your personal contact details have changed, either recently or in the last couple of years, we would love to hear from you. By keeping your record up to date we won’t risk losing touch with you as you are a precious financial donor to the Society. Every single donation received from you is our lifeblood where we are totally reliant on your regular donations. Please also encourage your fellow Scouting friends to become new members and regular donors to the LBPS.

AJ2025 is the 27th Australian Jamboree to be held in Queensland, and as far as we know today, it is well on track to take place – and we are always happy to accept ad hoc donations alongside your regular yearly or monthly contributions at any time.

We would like to thank all our donors who have continued to support the Jamboree Fund over the past 18 months of the last few lockdowns following the cancellation of AJ2022.  We will soon start to ramp up our Jamboree Appeal in the coming months so watch this space.

On a last note, we have already started to receive requests for funding, one of which came from our International team to help support Scouts and Venturer Scouts attend the next World Scout Jamboree next year.

We are very excited for the next months ahead……….

Thank you so much again for your continued and loyal support over the years.

Stay safe.

Lord Baden-Powell Society