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Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in Scouting

The World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM) has a clear commitment to ensuring diversity and inclusion, in line with WOSM’s Vision 2023 and Triennial Plans, as well as the commitments to the United Nations (UN) Women’s HeForShe movement and Global Goals for Sustainable Development (the SDGs). You can learn more about WOSM’s commitment to Diversity & Inclusion, including a YouTube video, on their Diversity and Inclusion website.


WOSM is working towards ensuring that Scouting is truly open and accessible to all, better reflecting the composition of our communities and different societies in our countries. Scouting is proud to have given generations of young people equal opportunities to grow and develop their full potential through empowering and enriching experiences regardless of their background.

In Australia we have opened Scouting to all regardless of gender for over thirty years, and provide programs that embrace the diversity of our communities and aim to be inclusive of all abilities. While everyone is welcome within our regular Scout Groups, we also have some specialised Groups which are tailored to specific abilities, or religious and cultural communities. To find out more, contact your Branch for more details.

In line with Scouts Australia’s Values, Goals, Principles and Law set out in Policy and Rules, all adult and youth members, supporters, helpers and employees are committed to embracing diversity and ensuring inclusion. This is not a new position for Scouts Australia and its Branches – it just clarifies what has been the accepted approach for several decades.

Scouts Australia’s members and supporters are respectful, ensuring that they do not discriminate against people on the basis of race, geographic or ethnic origin, religious or spiritual belief, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or family status, mental or physical ability, health status, educational background or socioeconomic status, except where specific exclusions are necessary and permitted by law (for example, see Scouts Australia’s Child Protection and Prescribed Procedures).

In February 2019 we welcomed our inaugural National Adviser – Diversity & Inclusion, Clare Hanley. She has continued to build the National Diversity & Inclusion Team, who champion diversity and help ensure inclusion. The Team members include the Branch leads for Diversity & Inclusion, the National Adviser – Diversity & Inclusion, Assistant National Commissioner – Sustainability, and other Scouting leaders with a depth of experience in Diversity & Inclusion (such as Peter Blatch from the World Scout Committee, who champions Diversity & Inclusion in World Scouting).

Indigenous Cultural Awareness

Keen to build your Indigenous Cultural Awareness, or learn more about Welcome to Country? Start by checking out this page for more information.


Gender equality is SDG 5, and World Scouting has partnered with UN Women to help champion gender equality through our movement. 

Pride in Diversity

Around the country, our youth and leaders often participate in Pride marches that celebrate how Scouting embraces gender and sexual diversity.

This article on Mardi Gras provides some examples.