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Freqently Asked Questions

What will be the size of the Australian Contingent?

The maximum number of Australian youth participants is limited to 10% of the total number of youth attending the Jamboree, we don’t think we will get near that number but we are aiming to have 16 Australian troops, or 576 youth participants. This figure then drives the number of adults, which is limited to 50% of the youth, ie 288 therefore are aiming for a total contingent size of 884, though we would be very happy with 800.

These numbers are larger than we have ever taken before to a World Scout Jamboree and we want to ensure that everyone who attend get the most out of the Jamboree and so we are looking at how we can engage all members locally in our journey to the event of our lives. Further information will be released in early 2022 once the final size of the Contingent is known.

When do applications open?

There is a lots of planning being done by the CMT to ensure that we have everything in place to open applications on 1 October 2021. All eligible Scouts and Venturers will received personal invitation to attend WSJ2023  so keep an eye on your letter box as it will be arriving very soon!

All Rovers and Leaders are able to attend, this includes current Venturers who are born after 13 Aug 2005, Your invitation can be found here.

How much will it cost?

The CMT has been working hard to provide the lowest cost possible for the adventure of your life time.  It has been very difficult to achieve in these uncertain times but our budget has now been approved by the National Finance Sub-Committee, so the prices are:

Youth (Scouts and Venturers), Line Leaders and CMT
$5,800 Includes everything from when you leave Australia until you return home to Australia, ie Pre-Jamboree Camp, Jamboree, Flights etc.
International Service Team (IST)
$5,030 Includes everything from when you leave Australia until you return home to Australia, ie Jamboree, Flights etc. NB: IST will participate in Jamboree Job Trainee during the Australian Pre-Jamboree Camp.
Independent Travel – IST ONLY
$2,520 Only includes the Jamboree Job Training and Jamboree.  Flights and transfers are specifically excluded.

For the all the pricing details, including the payment schedule, please head on over to our Pricing page.

Why is the pre-Jamboree Camp so short?

Unlike previous World Scout Jamboree Contingents we have provided an option that means the shortest possible time is missed from school or work, so we have built an itinerary which means you only miss two full weeks of school. This has meant that the pre-Jamboree camp has been reduced to two and half days. We are going to ensure that your Jamboree experience though goes for much longer by starting local patrol meetings in late 2022, this way you will already know the rest of your Patrol and the adult patrol leader attached to your Patrol by the time that you arrive at the pre-Jamboree camp.

Will there be a post-Jamboree tour?

Whilst we have not advertised a tour as yet, we have planned two tours, one in Japan and one in Thailand. Based on the responses in the application process one or both tours will be run. The timing of the tour will be another full week after the Jamboree, i.e. a total of three full weeks away, again we cannot advise the price but it will be about the same cost as WSJ2019 Optional Post Tour to Canada tour and that was only for 5 days!

What is the CMT?

The Contingent Management Team (CMT) is a group of 22 volunteers who plan and organise the World Scout Jamboree journey for the Australian Contingent, you can meet the CMT here. They are responsible for everything from shaping the overall experience, arranging travel, buying the contingent kit, looking after all the finances, welfare etc

What roles are there for adults?

There are many ways you, as an adult, can join in our journey to the World Scout Jamboree. The first and hopefully most obvious is as a Line Leader working directly with the youth as a member of the Troop Management Team. Each Troop will have four leaders, with each leader allocated as an Adult Patrol Leader to mentor and work with the Patrol.

For adults who are not appointed as a Line Leader there is the International Service Team (IST). The IST provides all the support to the Jamboree Organisers to enable the Jamboree to run efficiently, this is includes Activity Leaders, medical/first aid staff etc.

For the first time Australia is running a Food House at the Jamboree, a Food House showcases Australian cuisine and culture. This means that the Food House will also be looking for Australian adults to work with in the Food House, whilst they are still officially IST these people will be appointed directly to the Australian Food house and will be responsible to the Australian Food House Contingent Leader, Brad Costello.

What will I get out of the Jamboree?

Many people who have been to previous World Scout Jamborees’ – whether adults or young people – happily talk about a “life changing experience”. You will see new things, meet new people, be immersed in the true worldwide family of Scouts. One of our objectives is to ensure everyone who is part of the journey grows as a person and recognises that change – bringing back new skills and ideas to make a lasting impression on their local Scouting and community. Check out this video to see for yourself a Jamboree Experience through the eyes of Ella Hambleton (IST, WSJ2019).

If I have a medical condition or disability, can I still apply?

Absolutely! Scouts Australia is an inclusive organisation. As such the Australian Contingent has set itself the target of being the most diverse and inclusive contingent to date. We aim to work with young people to ensure we are representative of the communities we come from. The best person to understand how you can contribute is you along with any professional person who supports your physical or mental health where appropriate.

If I need a carer, are they able to attend?

Yes! Carers are over and above the number of leaders is each troop, this is to ensure that you have the best experience possible at the Jamboree. A carer must be a member of Scouts Australia and must apply to attend the Jamboree as any other member of the Contingent, it is just that they will be working to ensure you have a great time!

Are there grants available?

Depending on which State you are a member, there are various grants available.

  1. NSW – John and Marie Hill Fund
  2. Victoria – EML Fund
  3. National – Limited Funding is available

Please check back closer to application time when we will have a full list of grants and how to apply for each grant.

What happens if the Jamboree is cancelled
In the unfortunate situation whereby the Jamboree is cancelled by Scouts Australia or by Korea Scout Association, this decision will be promptly communicated to all registered Contingent members. The following table highlights the amount of any refund payable:

Date of Cancellation Refunds
On or before 31 January 2022 Full Refund
After 31 January 2022 Scouts Australia will refund all recovered funds.
Non-recoverable expenses may include travel insurance,
bank charges, international exchange fees, accounting
license fees and expended contingent planning costs.

For the all the pricing details, including the payment schedule, please head on over to our Pricing page.

Questions not covered?

If you have any questions that have not been covered here please email if at hello@wsj2023.scouts.com.auso that we can gather all your questions together and understand the issue that matter to you.