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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that have not been covered below, please email us at nzj2024@scouts.com.au

General Information

Can I organise my own flights to and from New Zealand?

There is no independent travel option for this Australian Contingent. All members must travel with the Contingent between Australia and New Zealand on flights arranged by the Australian Contingent.

The Contingent Management Team gave detailed consideration to independent travel, and determined that travelling with the Contingent to and from New Zealand is a unique part of this international Scouting experience. Facilitating independent travel is also a significant operational burden on the Contingent Management Team, and we felt our attention was best directed to supporting the health and wellbeing of Contingent members whilst on the ground in New Zealand.

What are the dates for the New Zealand Jamboree?

The Jamboree commences on Saturday 30 December 2023 and concludes on Sunday 7 January 2024.

The Pre-Jamboree Camp will be held in Auckland for two nights from Thursday 28 December 2023 to Saturday 30 December 2023.

An optional post tour is available, and will run from Sunday 7 January 2024 to Sunday 14 January 2024.

What is the reason for the increase in the Contingent fee compared to the last New Zealand Jamboree?

Key prices have increased significantly over the past four years since the last Jamboree in 2019-2020. Specifically, airfares, travel insurance and fuel prices have experienced large increases, which has necessitated an increase in the Contingent fee to cover all costs.

Where will the Jamboree be held?

The Jamboree will be held at the Mystery Creek Events Centre near Hamilton, around 2.5 hours south of Auckland on the New Zealand North Island.

When will I receive my Australian Contingent Kit?

Your Australian Contingent Kit will be handed out at Orientation Day. This will included 

  • Scouts International Australian Scarves
  • Contingent T-shirts
  • Contingent name badge
  • Wheeled travel bag
  • Contingent badges
  • Contingent bucket hat

Contingent members in Tasmania, the Northern Territory, or more than 300 kilometers away from the nearest capital city where an Orientation Day will have their merchandised posted.

Which Orientation Day can I attend?

You can attend the Orientation Day most convenient to you and your location. 

We will shortly provide the location of each Orientation Day and you will be able to register your attendance.

Where will my passport be kept whilst I am at the Jamboree

Once you land in Auckland, the Contingent Management Team will take all passports and store them securely until the end of Jamboree.

Will Venturer Scouts be placed in Patrols? Can I make a preference to who is in my patrol?

At this stage, we are waiting on more information from the New Zealand Jamboree Committee about the Venturer Scout program. If we are required to create patrols we will send our an email to all participants to submit their preferences.

Will Venturer Scouts be camping with Scouts in a Troop?

Both the Venturer Active Scouts and the Venturer Service Scouts will be camping together in a Venturer Scout Village. Food will be provided and served by the staff kitchen.

What is the best way to bring spending money?

Each participant will be responsible for their own money during the Jamboree and post tour. Please consider options like a travel card from a foreign exchange company or your bank. If you want to send cash, please ensure this has been convert to New Zealand Dollars.

There is no minimum or maximum spending money and it is optional. However, a good rule of thumb can be $10 per day.

Can I wash my clothes on camp?

Yes please! Washing of clothes is strongly recommended and encouraged during the Jamboree and post tour.

Perhaps teach your young person to do some handwashing at home before their embark on their journey. 

We will provide the washing powder and facilities to wash, we have suggested to pack pegs to assist with hanging the clothes to dry.

Can I wear my navy scout pants on the plane?

The Scouts Australia official uniform is tan pants/skirt/shorts and this is required to travel to/from the Jamboree and for an events we require full uniform.

They do not have to be purchased from the Scouts Shop.

Can I swap badges and scarves at the Jamboree

Absolutely! This is always a fun part of any Jamboree.

You must keep 1 Australian Scarf to wear home on the plane.

Will we sleep in tents on the Post Tour?

The Post Tour is dorm accommodation at Keswick Christian Camp, Rotorua.

How do I upload my passport to OLEMS?

We have created this document to assist with the uploading and data entry for your passport. Click on the link below to view the instructions.

Download Passport Guide

Application Process

When do applications open?

The applications for the Australian Contingent to the 23rd New Zealand Jamboree open on 1 November 2022.

What is the closing date for applications?

Applications for the Australian Contingent to the 23rd New Zealand Jamboree close on 19 February 2023, so make sure you have applied and paid your deposit by 19 February 2023 to lock in your place!

What is the minimum eligibility for a Scout to attend the New Zealand Jamboree?
  • Any member of the Scout section is eligible to attend provided they have the experience, independence and maturity to travel overseas as a part of a large group. This includes having completed Outdoor Adventure Skills Camping Stage 4, having a minimum of ten (10) nights camping in a tent with at least three (3) of them consecutive, and being recommended as suitable to attend by your local Leaders.
  • The Australian Contingent would highly recommend each family reading the International Scouting Events Parent Guide (https://scouts.com.au/members/key-resources/) for other useful information about being prepared for overseas travel.
  • Whenever there is doubt about an applicant satisfying the minimum eligibility criteria, the Contingent Leader will consult with the Scout’s parents/guardians, Scout Leader and Group Leader to determine whether they are suitably prepared to attend this event, or whether they should attend an alternative major Scout event in Australia or overseas in the future.

Fees & Payments

How much will it cost?

There are four price options available to members of Scouts Australia as outlined below:

  • Scout participant – $3,795
  • Scout participant (including post tour) – $5,135
  • Venturer Scout / supporting adult – $3,095
  • Venturer Scout / supporting adult (including post tour) – $4,435
When is the deposit due?

You must pay your deposit through the Scouts Australia online event management system by midnight on Sunday 19 February 2023 (AWST). Applicants who do not make their deposit payment by the due date may have their application withdrawn from the Contingent.

What is included in the Contingent fee?

The Contingent Fee includes all meals, accommodation, activities, flights and ground transportation between the date of departure from Australia and the date of return to Australia. A merchandise pack including two shirts, travel bag, luggage tags, Australian Contingent scarves, name bar and Australian Contingent badges is also included.

How to make a payment
The only way to pay is by accessing the online system by following the process detailed below: 
  1. Log into the online application system here: https://registrations.international.scouts.com.au//login.asp 
  2. Click on the ‘Make a payment’ tab on the left-hand menu
  3. Select the item you would like to pay
  4. Enter your credit card details and process the payment
  5. To obtain a receipt, click on the ‘Status’ tab, and then click the printer icon next to the payment that you have just made. 

Health & Wellbeing

If I have a medical condition of disability, can I still apply?

Absolutely! Scouts Australia is an inclusive organisation. As such the Australian Contingent has set itself the target of being the most diverse and inclusive contingent to date. We aim to work with young people to ensure we are representative of the communities we come from. The best person to understand how you can contribute is you along with any professional person who supports your physical or mental health where appropriate.

If I need a carer, are they able to attend?

Yes! Carers are over and above the number of leaders is each troop, this is to ensure that you have the best experience possible at the Jamboree. A carer must be a member of Scouts Australia and must apply to attend the Jamboree as any other member of the Contingent, it is just that they will be working to ensure you have a great time!