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Pre-Jamboree Tour

A short 2-3 day pre-tour designed to encourage friendships and connection would be organised before the Jamboree. This provides an opportunity for the Contingent to gather at a suitable location in New Zealand before departing for the Jamboree and arriving onsite as a group. This will involve a full day of patrol-based activities to support Patrol bonding. The pre-tour would be compulsory for all Contingent members.  

The pre-tour will run from Thursday 28 December 2023 to Saturday 30 December 2023. Depending on departure location from Australia, some Contingent members may depart Australia on Wednesday 27 December 2023. 

Venturer Scouts will travel to the Jamboree site on 28 December 2023, before the main Australian Contingent is due to arrive. This is to enable Venturer Scouts to undertake a site induction.


The Jamboree will run from Saturday 30 December 2023 till Sunday 7 January 2024.

Date Activity
Thursday 28 December 2023 

Contingent departs Australia and travels to Auckland.  

Overnight accommodation in Auckland.   

Friday 29 December 2023 

Team building activities in Auckland.  

Contingent photograph. 

Evening activity such as movie. 

Overnight accommodation in Auckland. 

Saturday 30 December 2023 

Depart Auckland for Jamboree site (Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton). 

Activity en-route to Jamboree site such as Auckland Zoo. 

Arrive at Jamboree site mid-afternoon. 

Sunday 31 December 2023  23rd New Zealand Jamboree  
Monday 1 January 2024  23rd New Zealand Jamboree  
Tuesday 2 January 2024  23rd New Zealand Jamboree  
Wednesday 3 January 2024  23rd New Zealand Jamboree 
Thursday 4  January 2024  23rd New Zealand Jamboree 
Friday 5  January 2024  23rd New Zealand Jamboree 
Saturday 6 January 2024  23rd New Zealand Jamboree 
Sunday 7 January 2024  

Depart Jamboree site for final Contingent activity such as Rainbows End Theme Park.  

Final Contingent dinner in Auckland.  

Overnight accommodation in Auckland airport hotels.  

Monday 8 January 2024 
Contingent (excluding Post Tour participants) departs Auckland and returns to Australia.